My First Watch

The exhaustive, extensive story of my first luxury watch purchase. Read if you dare!

July 2021


Serena Kerrigan

When Serena Kerrigan (aka the Queen of Confidence) turned 27, it was more than just a birthday. So she bought herself a Rolex. 

May 2021

JJ Owens

JJ Owens has been collecting watches since she was 13 – so listen up!


April 2021


Distance makes the heart go fonder, but it also invites a chance to talk watches over vid-chat. Here, we interview and shoot our fav Dimepieces on-screen. 

Serena Morris

Serena Morris is a 3rd generation Californian who proudly wears her family’s history on her sleeve (wrist): read about why her grandmother’s Rolex Lady-Datejust is more than just a watch.

April 2021

Zoe Abelson

Zoe Abelson has been in the watch industry for nearly a decade now. In 2011, she dropped out of school to accept a job offer at a NY-based auction house, and the risk paid off.

April 2021


FIRST DIMERS is a series in which we interview a variety of girls, gays and theys about their first watches . Because you never forget your first.

Vivian Grimes

Vivian ditched a successful career in VC to follow in her family’s footsteps, pursuing a life in jewelry. 
March 2021

Amrit Sidhu

In 2018, Amrit knocked everything off her to-do list and got herself a Rolex.

February 2021

Eddie Mitsou

Eddie is a Swedish goddess with a taste for candy pink.
February 2021

The Basics

DIMEPIECE is here to make your life easier if you’re just now getting into watches. Better late than never, sis! The thing about watches is that they’re full of *complications* (that’s a pun – in the watch world, a “complication” is defined as any function that does more than show time… more on that later).

Watch Parts
        So okay: you’re here, and that’s a great first step. Let’s familiarize ourselves with some basic (but not, you know, basic) terms to acquaint ourselves with the fundamental architecture of a watch.

  1. BRACELET – The metal wrist strap of a watch. You can also use “STRAP” when referring to anything that’s not metal (i.e. leather). The bracelet can be stainless steel, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, etc.
  2. BEZEL – The metal ring surrounding the crystal of the watch.
  3. CASE – The metal housing the watch’s movement.
  4. DIAL –  The portion of the watch that displays the time.
  5. LUGS – The parts of the case that extend for attachment of a bracelet or strap. There are many different designs and styles of lugs.
  6. CRYSTAL –  The plastic or sapphire covering that allows the wearer to see the dial and tell time!
  7. CROWN – The knob on the side of the watch that pulls out to set the date and time. It also is used to manually wind mechanical watches.
  8. COMPLICATION– A feature of the watch beyond telling time, i.e. day of the week, date, month, moon phase… etc.
  9. MOVEMENT – Either quartz, automatic, or manual-winding, the movement consists of many small parts that allow the watch to run and keep time.

But wait, there’s more. Once you start getting the fundamentals, you can start exploring the details, which is the fun part.