Interview by Brynn Wallner, photos by Cobey Arner 
            I met Amrit Sidhu during the hazy, crazy summer of 2016. I was living at the end of a cul de sac in Silverlake, and she was staying with my roommate one week as an escape from New York. Within minutes of meeting her, she made herself comfortable on my bed, cuddling with my dog (we’re both proud chihuahua mix moms!), and we chit-chatted at hyperspeed about all the mutual friends we share. Since then I’ve witnessed her forge a successful life and career as a musician and creative entrepreneur – she’s a BOSS, okay? And in 2018 she gifted herself a Rolex to commemorate all that she’s achieved. We love self care. Now she’s in Los Angeles and I’m in New York – but don’t worry, she hasn’t fully gone Hollywood on us… yet. JK – the only thing that she’s really switched up about her life while living out West is that she wears her watch way more often. Why? Read below to find out, silly!!

DIMEPIECE: Okay, tell me about the watch.

AMRIT SIDHU: It’s a two-tone Rolex Lady-Datejust from 2002. Diamond bezel, black diamond dial, 26mm.

DP: Where did you get it?

AS: I bought it second-hand on an auction house website.

DP: Which one?

AS: If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. Well okay, it’s not that lowkey anymore. It’s from this site called “Everything But The House.” Trust me, 4 to 5 years ago before it popped off, you used to find the best deals on there. My watch was a good deal.

DP: What made you want a watch?

AS: I wrote a list of goals at the start of 2018, and when I achieved them, it was my reward to myself. I came from a frugal household – we didn’t have luxury items growing up. I had the Payless version of the Nike sneakers. I went back and forth on buying the watch so many times because the only things I’ve ever spent money like that on are purses.

DP: Were you, like, hovering hesitantly over the “bid” button before you pulled the trigger?

AS: Well, there was a bidding war at the end and I was getting so close to my limit. But I had been outbid on two similar watches before – so by this time, I was like I need this watch.

DP: How did you pick the size?

AS: I actually thought I wanted the size up [30mm], but I have really small wrists. One day I went into the Goop store on Bond Street and tried on a bunch of different watches and decided to size down to the 26mm. I don’t want to be too flexy, you know? That’s not chic.

DP: I get you. You do have small wrists!

AS: Yeah, and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a cautious New Yorker… walking alone late at night by myself… but I’m not trying to be that iced out. I also like stacking. I’m down to have that slimmer timepiece and then do a bangle or a cuff and a bunch of rings and a French mani. The watch is already loud enough. The mixed metal, the diamonds – it doesn’t need to be a bigger size.

DP: Do you wear it a lot?

AS: At first, I only wore it once in a while, but it’s starting to be more of an everyday accessory now.

DP: Is it because you moved to LA?

AS: I mean, yeah, I’m not walking the Williamsburg Bridge alone at night anymore. I think subconsciously I wouldn’t put it on everyday in New York for that reason. But it’s starting to become more of a habit – I’ll put it on everyday along with my other jewelry. It’s so versatile. I love that it’s two-tone, and I love the black dial.

DP: Since you’ve gotten the watch, do you notice watches on other people more?

AS: Well for work I’ve always DJ’d watch events. Like the Land Rover Watches of Switzerland pop-up. I didn’t wind up taking this gig, but once I was offered to play an Audemars Piguet event. I said, hey instead of paying me, you can just give me a watch – and the brand was like No ❤️

DP: Do you notice watches on women?

AS: I notice them more on men, but I prefer to see them on women! With some men, it feels like a status play, I feel like with women... well, we just have great taste! But I listen to Future, so I’m always hearing about watches. Future was my #1 artist on Spotify Wrapped if you’re wondering about the levels of toxic I indulge in [laughs]. But I don’t have a Patek… yet.