June 2021

The 8 Women Changing the Watch World

by Jessica Iredale via Wall Street Journal:

“’In my life working in marketing, I can firmly say that this was the first time I had actually seen a white space,’ says Brynn Wallner, 31, who started Dimepiece.co in March 2021 after being laid off from Sotheby’s. ‘Where is the Glossier for watches?’ Wallner remembers thinking, referring to the popular beauty brand that also publishes a youth-focused beauty blog. Her answer began as an Instagram account dedicated to demystifying the world of watches for millennial and Gen Z women, featuring posts of celebrity watch-wearers such as Rihanna, Meghan Markle and Willow Smith. (’Dimepiece’ is a play on a slang term for an attractive woman.) It now includes a site with easily digestible technical info and first-person guides to watch-buying. ‘For my age group, when it came to aspiring [to] a luxury purchase, we would want a bag from Gucci, or we want something from The Row,’ says Wallner. ‘The seed wasn’t really planted in our minds to one day aspire to own a watch.’ She herself just acquired her first luxury timepiece last month, a Cartier Tank Française.”


May 2021

Shopping at Cartier With Millennial Watch Connoisseur Brynn Wallner

by Liana Satenstein via Vogue:

“Brynn Wallner of @dimepiece.co is the millennial watch connoisseur. The blonde 31-year-old is known in downtown circles for the ability to lightly parody a ditzy life of iced matchas and Brandy Melville shopping sprees while also being the smartest voice on luxury timepieces for women.” 


May 2021

Brynn Wallner of Dimepiece is claiming a space for women who love watches


“Wallner said her timing seems to have hit a nerve. Though watch marketing might be dated, interest in watches among women is there — it just didn’t have a space of its own. When Wallner decided to make her own first big watch purchase, she found herself wishing there was an “Into The Gloss” for women’s watches, which men had via editorial platform Hodinkee.”


March 2021


The Woman Behind The Watch World's Hottest New Instagram Account

by Cara Barrett via Hodinkee:

“With Dimepiece – her fabulously irreverent Insta feed and website – Brynn Wallner is changing the conversation for women and watches.”


March 2021

The Best Women’s Watches Under $500, According to Dimepiece Founder Brynn Wallner

by Karen Iorio Adelson via NY Mag:

“Wallner took it upon herself to fill this gap, launching the Dimepiece Instagram account to spotlight stylish women and their watches — and hopefully get other young women interested in luxury watches.”


March 2021

Fresh and unfiltered – why Dimepiece could be the shake-up that watch culture needs

by Luke Benedictus via Time + Tide Watches:

“If you want youthful edge and attitude, watch marketing is probably the last place in the known universe that you’re going to find it. Brands invariably take a strait-laced approach, heaping laboured emphasis on their luxury credentials, heritage and technical prowess. All of which is pretty dull. But it also risks turning off an entire generation.”


March 2021


Meet Brynn Wallner, Founder of the Internet’s Newest Destination for Women and Watches 

by Sydney Gore via HERO:

“The world of luxury watches is notorious for its sense of exclusivity and stuffiness, with a penchant for leaving women out of the narrative. Brynn Wallner and her upstart Dimepiece are on a mission to change that.”


February 23, 2021

The IG Account Dedicated to Watches in Pop Culture

by Layla Halabian via NYLON:

“Brynn Wallner became obsessed with watches completely by accident. Wallner, a strategist, writer, and a downtown New York girl in the know, was working at Sotheby’s editorial team in 2019 when she was tasked with working alongside the company’s watches department. They needed someone to make watches appeal to a younger audience, and Wallner had just the keen internet experience to do it right. She produced and edited pieces about the greatest watches of all time, and soon enough, she found herself hooked.”


February 19, 2021

Shop a DIMEPIECE curated collection of luxury timepieces

by Basic Space via Basic.Space:

“Founder of DIMEPIECE Brynn Wallner curates a classic collection of Rolex, Cartier and Omega timepieces.”


December 10, 2020

Why I’m Buying My First Watch

by Liana Satenstein via Vogue

“There’s also Brynn Wallner, who worked on the editorial team at Sotheby’s and is a millennial sensei of all things horography. She has seen a lot of watches in her day and runs the Instagram account @dimepiece.co, which chronicles a bevy of sophisticated babes wearing watches. On her feed, you’ll find Princess Diana wearing a gold Cartier Tank watch, Kylie Jenner in a crop top with a Patek Philippe, and Serena Williams on the court with a Rolex. ‘As young women start to…grow up…we learn to prioritize objects of value—objects that will increase in value,’ she writes. ‘Also, it’s nice to have something to look at that isn’t your phone. Analog. Not in, like, the Wes Anderson kitschy ‘I own a record player’ way, but in a refined, practical way.’”

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